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QMenuBar does not show up

  • I ty to make a menuBar to change the language of my Application at run time. However the bar does not show up.

    Here is a snippet how i create the bar:

    class MainWindow : public QMainWindow
        QMenu *mLanguageMenu;
    void MainWindow::createMenus()
        qDebug() << menuBar()->actions().size();  // here its zero
        qDebug() << menuBar()->actions().size();  // here size is 1 so it was added
    void MainWindow::createLanguageMenu()
        mLanguageMenu = new QMenu{ this };
        mLanguageActionGroup = new QActionGroup{ this };
        connect(mLanguageActionGroup, &QActionGroup::triggered,
                this, &MainWindow::switchLanguage);
        QDir qmDir{":/translations"};
        auto fileNames = qmDir.entryList(QStringList("quiz_*.qm"));
        for (auto i=0; i < fileNames.size(); ++i) {
            auto locale = fileNames[i];
            locale.remove(0, locale.indexOf('_') + 1);
            QTranslator translator;
            translator.load(fileNames[i], qmDir.absolutePath());
            auto language = translator.translate("MainWindow", "English");
            auto action = new QAction{tr("&%1 %2").arg(i + 1).arg(language), this};
            if (language == "English") {

    At first i thougth this was maybe a bug in KDE Neon but then i also compiled the code with Windows 10 but its the same result. Any Idea what i do wrong? As you can see in the qDebug() statements it looks like the action gets added but does not show.

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    Might be a silly question but did you check the number of actions added to your menu ?

    What version of Qt are you using ?
    What if you create your menu using the QMenuBar::addMenu overload that takes a string ?

  • i foudn the issue. I added annother string with the string constructor as you recommended.
    The menu showed up. Then I realized that I don't give my menu a name. So i added


    in the void MainWindow::createLanguageMenu() method and now it works fine.

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