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ActiveQt problem

  • Hey guys, I need to use a certain COM object through qt and I'm having trouble getting things to work. What I have done so far:

    1. I have used the cppdump tool to generate a typelib (this works)

    2. I include the generated header and cpp files to my qt project (this works)

    3. I create a new object of the COM class which I need (this works)

    4. I able to see and call the available functions, but only some work (not working)

    more specifically, all of the functions require out parameters and if I call functions that only need doubles as out parameters I get a proper value in return, but if I call functions that require a QString (original BSTR*) as out parameters they return empty as well as functions that require QVariant type out params (originally Variant*). The problem remains the same if I use dynamicCall to call these functions instead of through the generated header and cpp file. What can I do?

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