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Creator Debug array index max = 9999

  • My current project is to analyze a FITS HDU data file (astronomy). While debugging the Primary Header Block display, I noticed that the debugger expression display shows a maximum displayed index of 9999. The FITS file I'm using to develop the program is about 19Mb. The Primary Header Block is 18,420bytes, 228 80-byte records that I read in using a QTextStream. Next I have to parse each of those keyword records. So far, I grab the primary header into a QString, build a QStringList model and display the records in a QListView on the mainwindow ui. It would be nice it I could see more than the first 9999 bytes of a QString or QByteArray to make sure the border condition works in all cases.(The last record of a FITS Primary Header contains "END" plus spaces to fill thee 80-byte record, followed by enough blank 80-space records to fill out the 2880-byte block. The data follows the end of that block. The header display has to work on header blocks of arbitrary size. I only mention this to justify increasing the maximum debugger index. [9999] is usually large enough for most cases, but not when analyzing data from large radio telescopes. I suppose I could use a QListWidget and insert the records one row at a time, but a model view seems more elegant.

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