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implementing in app billing for qt android app: product not registered

  • i registered a subscription on google play console
    0_1568082622308_Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 09.27.52.png
    and then in the app, i have this code snippet

            Product {
                id: product_223
                identifier: "223"
                type: Product.Unlockable
                property bool purchasing: false
                onPurchaseSucceeded: {
                    console.log("purchase succedded");
                onPurchaseFailed: {
                    console.log("purchase failed");
                onPurchaseRestored: {
                    console.log("restore succedded");
                onStatusChanged: {
                    switch (status) {
                        case Product.PendingRegistration: console.debug("DEBUG_228_9: Registering " + identifier); break
                        case Product.Registered: console.debug(identifier + "DEBUG_228_10: registered with price " + price); break
                        case Product.Unknown: console.debug(identifier + "DEBUG_228_11: was not found in the market place"); break

    when i run the app, the log informs me that the product was not found in the market place (aka status Product.Unknown)
    why is this happening? could any tell me where i did wrong? or is there another way to inplement in app billing?

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