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QtQuick App crashing on Windows 10

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with a QtQuick App using Qt 5.13, which crashs on startup on a fairly old laptop running Windows 10. It has Intel HD Graphics 3000, and Open GL Extensions Viewer tells me that it has OpenGL 3.1. I cross compiled this version on a Linux machine, where I never had any issues.

    The problem is, that the program starts, the window frame is drawn including white background, but then it suddenly crashs without any error message. My program also has a logfile, where I can see that the program started, but did not yet do anything meaningful (as it is supposed to be in the absence of user interaction). How can I find out if something is going wrong with OpenGL or QtQuick?

    What makes the issue more weird, is that out of 10 times the program starts fine. What could be a possible source of error? Ram consumption of our program is only about 130 MB, so this should not be the issue.

  • I had issues getting Qt 5.12 apps running on Windows 10 in a virtual machine. I used the mesa drivers to fix this:
    mesa drivers windows

    However, I do NOT know how this will work on a system with real hardware.

  • I have no experience under windows. How can I find out where a cross compiled version is crashing? Are there environment variables which would make QT output some information?

  • Hi,
    Yes I will try the MESA drivers. However, I would like to avoid this as the general solution, as the users would need to install MESA (right?) and it might create performance problems.

  • @maxwell31 said in QtQuick App crashing on Windows 10:

    I would like to avoid this as the general solution

    Yes, the mesa driver might not be a solution at all for end users. We found the solution for VMs so we can do development in the VM.

  • I found the reason for the crash with EventViewer: ig4icd64.dl so the problem is the intel HD3000 graphics driver.

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    @maxwell31 said in QtQuick App crashing on Windows 10:

    graphics driver

    This is often a problem. Worth updating the driver.

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