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Difference between my code and testcon code

  • hi i use a component on qt and it works fine
    it has a lot of events i use signal(QString,int,void*) to get all signals and it works fine
    now i know one of signals has a integer parametr and i use QVarianttoQString() function like testcon code
    the testcon works fine on my component but my program got crashed , i think it should be about how compiling code
    can you explain more for me?
    what should i do?

  • Sorry, but your description is so vague that the only thing I can say is: "It seems the difference is that your code is doing it wrong". Not helpful, I know:-)

    Can you maybe provide some of your code? A buildable example would be best.

  • ok but i copy my code from testcon example,i will wrote it here but you can't run it because it communicate with a fingerprint device you don't have it,
    the problem is on testcon it get me a correct integer input
    but in my program it is crashed

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