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Passing Model to a Dialog. View does not get updated properly

  • Ok I have the following Issue:

    I have a MainWindow were I use a Model derrived from QSqlTableModel.

        :mQuestionModel{ new QuestionSqlTableModel{ this } },
        mPictureDelegate{ new PictureDelegate }
        mQuestionModel->setSort(QuestionColumn::id, Qt::AscendingOrder);
                    QuestionColumn::askedQuestion, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Question"));
                    QuestionColumn::answer1, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Answer1"));
                    QuestionColumn::answer2, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Answer2"));
                    QuestionColumn::answer3, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Answer3"));
                    QuestionColumn::answer4, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Answer4"));
                    QuestionColumn::correct_answer, Qt::Horizontal,
                    tr("Correct Answer"));
                    QuestionColumn::picture, Qt::Horizontal, tr("Picture"));

    When the user pushes a Action I create a QTableView were the user can see existing entries and edit them.

    So far so good this all seems to work.

    Now i want to open a Dialog to have the user add more entries into database.

    void MainWindow::addQuestions()
        auto addNewQuestionDialog = new AddNewQuestionDialog{ mQuestionModel };

    My Idea was to pass the Model to the Dialog and write directly into the database with insertRecord when accept happens:

    void AddNewQuestionDialog::accept()
        auto picturePath = ui->fileNamelineEdit->text();
        QByteArray picture;
        if(!picturePath.isEmpty()) {
           QPixmap inPixmap;
           if (inPixmap.load(picturePath)) {
               QBuffer inBuffer(&picture);
      QIODevice::WriteOnly );
     , "PNG");
        auto record = mModel->record();
        record.setValue(QuestionColumn::askedQuestion, ui->questionLineEdit->text());
        record.setValue(QuestionColumn::answer1, ui->answer1LineEdit->text());
        record.setValue(QuestionColumn::answer2, ui->answer2LineEdit->text());
        record.setValue(QuestionColumn::answer3, ui->answer3LineEdit->text());
        record.setValue(QuestionColumn::answer4, ui->answer4LineEdit->text());
        record.setValue(QuestionColumn::correct_answer, correctAnswerAsInt());
        record.setValue(QuestionColumn::picture, picture);
        if(!mModel->insertRecord(-1, record)) {
            qDebug() << "Failed to set record" <<
                 "The database reported an error: " <<
            <<"RowCount" <<mModel->rowCount();
        if(mModel->submitAll()) {
        else {
                    qDebug() << "Database Write Error" <<
                         "The database reported an error: " <<

    After the dialog closes the model gets updated but instead of showing a new number in the rows it shows a new empty entry with a !


    If i restart the app or look into the database the entry was correctly added.

    Is the view out of sync?

    Is it a bad practice to pass the model to the Dialog?

  • @sandro4912
    I'm not sure what's wrong in your code. It should be fine to pass the model (pointer) around as a parameter. For now, you don't show where you create the view ("I create a QTableView" --- it hasn't gone out of scope, has it?) and how you attach it to the model, check its slot is being called and what the row data looks like? Try an explicit mQuestionModel->select() after the commit(), or back in main when mQuestionModel->select() returns? Immediately after the commit(), verify what the value in record.field("id") is, it should be getting updated from the database?

  • You are right adding mModel->select(); after the mModel->database().commit(); seems to update the View properly to the new data.

    However this is still weired. Why without it the View adds a row with a !? So it nows theres a new record but it does not know about the new data?

    record.field("id").setAutoValue(true); was not necessary since id is auto generated so i removed it.

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