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QtCreator Warning/Annotation Settings

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    does anyone know, how do modify the QtC settings, so that explicitly defined warning/annotations are no longer displayed?

    For my case, I would like to turn of all warnings related to M126 == and != may perform type coercion, use === or !== to avoid it

    Inside some QML files, I compare a c++ defined enum with an integer. This comparison only works with the == operator, the === always results in false.

    In c++ I would cast one of the two variables but I don't think there's an equivalent to it in QML/JS !?

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    actually there is a numeric casting operator in JS, the Unary plus(+)

    So I can use that and fall back to the === comparing

    I would still like to know how to disable the warning. if you know how to, please tell 😉

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