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Change issues and baby items

  • Hi

    I have a bit of a hiccup... I have a node editor in which I've subclassed item changed in order to update childItems connections positions.

    Essentially I have


    When ParentObject get itemChanged, I do processConnectionPositionUpdate(), which notifvies each pinObject to notify each connection to re-centre their positions in accordance to new PinObject centre based on ParentObject move... However... due to the fact I emit that command before finishing itemChanged not all of the connections update to latest position and some of them appear disconnected... or at least that what I think happen...

    Can any1 suggest how can I address it ?

    Each pin parent is set ParentObject, however, sometimes I can have nested pins in which parent object will be the pin above...

    I wish a setPos would be virtual/have signal then I could just overwrite it on pinItself when parent position changes but I can't... or maybe I've approached it all backward?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You need to give more details about what technology you are using.

    From the looks of it, it could be the graphics view framework but it's only a guess.

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