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Qt 4.8.7 - Cross compilation error - symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: _ZN7QWidget8qwsEventEP8QWSEvent

  • I have cross compiled executable file from QT 4.8.7 on different device(OS - Ubuntu 16.04) and i am running it on Raspberry PI(Ubuntu Mate OS installed in it) which have installed QT 4.8.7 and QT declarative module also. When i run the cross compiled executable file (which is cross compiled on Ubuntu 16.04) on my raspberry pi, i got the error message like : "undefined symbol: _ZN7QWidget8qwsEventEP8QWSEvent". I don't know why i am getting this error as both the side installed QT version is same and arm-linux-gcc toolchain is same.Qt Declarative module version is also same from both side. please help.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    From the looks of it, you are trying to start a Qt application built in Qt for Embedded mode using a standard X11 build.

    On a side note, it's Qt, QT stands for Apple's QuickTime which you are currently not using.

  • @sgaist Thank you for reply.... what should i do to solve this issue....???

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    Ensure that you deployed your cross-compiled Qt version on the device.

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