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Pointer to QByteArray as LPBYTE

  • I am attempting to provide color management for my Qt image viewing app using the library lcms2. I have everything working except pulling the icc profile from a jpeg file. I have extracted the icc segment in a QByteArray called iccBuf.

    lcms2 has a function:
    cmsOpenProfileFromMem(const void * MemPtr, cmsUInt32Number dwSize);

    "Opens an ICC profile which is entirely contained in a memory block. Useful for accessing embedded profiles. MemPtr must point to a buffer of at least dwSize bytes. This buffer must hold a full profile image. Memory must be contiguous."

    I have seen code that supplies the MemPtr parameter as a LPBYTE but I cannot convert the QByteArray address to LPBYTE. I have tried:

    reinterpret_cast<const void*>(&(iccBuf).data()[0])
    (unsigned char*)

    but these do not work.

    It appears I need to convert char* to uchar*

    Any advice would be greatly permitted.

    Thanks in advance!

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    What exact error are you getting ?

  • @sgaist The function cmsOpenProfileFromMem is returning a nullptr indicating failure.


    QByteArray iccBuf;
    // load iccBuf with file icc data segment
    quint32 iccLen = iccBuf.length();  
    LPBYTE buf = (unsigned char*);
    hInProfile = cmsOpenProfileFromMem(iccData, iccLen);
    // output from qDebug: = 0x7ff61053e5c0    buf = 0x1a2811400c8

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    I've no documentation for cmsOpenProfileFromMem() but how should it suppose to work when you pass a pointer to data with a length of zero?

  • @christian-ehrlicher Apologies - I quickly threw together the use case. The variable iccLen is defined in the code as the length of iccBuf. I have tweaked the code above to show this.

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    @rory_1 said in Pointer to QByteArray as LPBYTE:

    The variable iccLen is defined in the code as the length of iccBuf.

    ... which is still zero since you have an empty QByteArray

  • @christian-ehrlicher Yes I know. I was trying to state in my comments that I obtained the byte array and was continuing. I agree that was not clear. I have solved the issue - my test jpg file had a non-compliant embedded profile.

    Many thanks for taking the time to help!

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