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Can't Get Static Qt Build with Qt5SerialPort, error: Unknown module(s) in QT: += serialport

  • Hi all, trying to use serialport with a static build of qt and keep getting this error when running qmake or build.

    error: Unknown module(s) in QT: += serialport

    QT creator 5.5.1
    Windows 7
    Commercial Licence
    QT Static build 5.13.0

    Things Attempted:
    Adding QT: += serialport in pro file
    Building Qt5SerialPort on its own
    Adding INCLUDEPATH with path to the built Qt5SerialPort
    Adding built Qt5SerialPort Libs to pro file
    Adding built Qt5SerialPort to static qtbase's include and libs folders and rebuilding static qt with jom
    Tried other things that have been demonstrated to work on solved questions:
    ^^^done that step for step (kinda, i'm not using minGW cos commercial), didn't work

    Got a barebones test project with completely standard .pro file.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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    QT creator 5.5.1

    Are you from future?

    Commercial Licence

    In that case you can ask help directly from Qt service, instead of Qt community.

  • @kuzulis haha sorry 4.9.2, no idea how i got that number.

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    Are you sure you built the qtserialport module as part of your static build ?

    Did you check the content of the lib folder of your build ?

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