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Doesn't show all the files in system("dir")

  • Hi dear friends.
    I have 6 files in C://Windows/System32/ras
    when I run cmd.exe and type dir it shows all the 6 files but when I use these syntax in QT :
    It shows only 4 files. why?

  • @saeidparand
    Probably something to do with 32- vs 64-bit-ness, or permissions, or the fact that it's in Windows/System32 which Windows has special handling for, or something like that; who knows given that you don't show the output.

    However, it's a bit irrelevant as you should not be using either system(), nor should you use dir as a command to find out what files exist in any case. Look at or and start from there.

  • @jonb
    this is out put form QT :
    07/14/2009 07:50 AM <DIR> .
    07/14/2009 07:50 AM <DIR> ..
    06/11/2009 02:09 AM 735 cis.scp
    06/11/2009 02:09 AM 14,529 pad.inf
    06/11/2009 02:09 AM 2,817 pppmenu.scp
    06/11/2009 02:09 AM 6,235 switch.inf
    4 File(s) 24,316 bytes
    2 Dir(s) 40,612,597,760 bytes free

    and this is out put form CMD.exe :
    08/28/2019 04:54 PM <DIR> .
    08/28/2019 04:54 PM <DIR> ..
    06/11/2009 01:29 AM 735 cis.scp
    06/11/2009 01:29 AM 14,529 pad.inf
    06/11/2009 01:29 AM 2,817 pppmenu.scp
    06/11/2009 01:29 AM 6,235 switch.inf
    08/28/2019 01:59 PM 44,575 temp.pbk
    08/28/2019 01:58 PM 44,575 temp.txt
    6 File(s) 113,466 bytes
    2 Dir(s) 40,612,581,376 bytes free

  • @jonb
    as you can see , It doesn't show temp.txt and temp.pbk
    I must use system() , because I want run cmd.exe in background my software and run some windows command .

  • @saeidparand
    Purely at a guess, since they are temp files, and have been created right now, they do not exist when you try from your Qt program but they do when you try from the Command Prompt, or they are appearing on a schedule, or something. I do not believe there will be any difference between the two different ways of running dir (except for possibly the permissions I mentioned).

  • @jonb
    solved but It was not about the level of access.
    I set Run Environment in System Environment in QT Creator.
    thanks for your suggestion.

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