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What's the blank size of QWebEngine(View)?

  • Hey there,

    It didn't make any difference if i've been writing 2500 lines of code or just 90 - the apps i built (with PyInstaller) including QWebEngineView all have the same size, in Qt 5.12.1 it's been roundabout 95MB (Qt5.13 i just tested one, same 90 lines code: 103MB)..

    How's that possible?
    Where's the point to start, because i already just imported those widgets i really need.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Banned

    I cannot answer your question straight up but I would point out that python is platform independent which means a lot of extra baggage that you would not get in say straight C. On the flip-side you do not have to compile the program for every platform you want to run it on either. This is also to say that perhaps 2500 lines to 90 lines is rather insignificant to the rest of the code you need to be platform independent thus you do not see much of a difference. You want its base size (or fairly close) then compile the smallest program you can make maybe 5 - 10 lines and include the bare minimum of modules and see what you get.

    However another question comes to mind does the size of the program make that big of difference? Or is this just more of a curiosity question?

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