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QT::CaseSensitive vs ExactMatch

  • Please direct me to a site that explains the difference between the two modes of the question title.
    For example: What is a string that would match with CaseSensitive but not ExactMatch.
    And the reverse.
    Thank you for your time.

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    With case sensitivity you can search for words containing a sequence of letter matching the casing. With exact match, as the name suggest, you look for the exact pattern.

  • I am not understanding the difference between the two.
    Is exact a super set of case sensitive? (Does it have all the restrictions and then adds more.)
    Please show a string that will match in exact but not case, or maybe the reverse if that is the situation.

  • @bkbk
    They are quite separate things, independent, may or may not be combined. You have not given the documentation link reference of where exactly you are looking at them in Qt.

    Case sensitivity means upper and lower case letters in your language do not match. Case insensitivity they do match.

    ExactMatch means the whole string should match, without that a partial/substring match is acceptable.

    abc     matched against    abc          exact match, case sensitive
    ABc     matched against    AbC          exact match, case insensitive
    aBc     matched against    defaBcghi    partial match, case sensitive
    ABc     matched against    defAbCghi    partial match, case insensitive

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