How to rebuild code in qtdatavis3d?

  • I've got Qt 5.13.0 on unbuntu downloaded from the online installer. I have modified 5.13.0/Src/qtdatavis3d/src/datavisualization/utils/texturehelper.cpp. How do I rebuild all of the Qt libraries, etc to incorporate this change in my apps? I do not see a Makefile at the top level...

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    There's no need to rebuild all of Qt. Just build and install the module.

    Building a Qt module is the same procedure as building any other qmake based project. You can even load the module in Qt Creator and build it there.

  • @sgaist - Assume I want to rebuild qtdatavis3d from the linux command line, which directory do I 'cd' to, and what command do I invoke? Thanks!

  • I tried the following:

    #  Go to qtdatavis3d subdirectory
    cd Qt/5.13.0/Src/qdatavis3d
    # Generate make file
    # Clean and remake the module
    make clean
    make         # Puts generated libraries into lib/ subdirectory
    sudo make install  # Copy libraries from lib/ to /usr/local/5.13.0/lib

    I then use qtcreator to clean and rebuild my app that uses qtdatavis3d module, but I do not see my changes, i.e. they don't seem to have taken effect. While 'make install' copies the module libraries to /usr/local/Qt-5.13.0/lib, it turns out that that qtcreator is linking against libraries in Qt/5.13.0/gcc_64/lib - and 'make' does not update those libraries. So I had to manually copy the new libraries there:

    cp lib/* ~/Qt/5.13.0/gcc_64/lib/.


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    You should always use the full path to the qmake binary of the Qt version you want to use to build your project/library/module.