Fresh installation of qt creator and dependencies

  • Hi,
    I want to install Qt creator and and all dependencies to build code on qt creator.I have tried a lot of things finally i failed to setup up all dependencies files of qt in raspberry pi 3 b, i stuck while including "#include<mainwindow.h>,#include<Qtwidgets> and many more files is not including in qtcreator please suggest me how can i solve this problem

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    QTCreator is the editor. While you can compile it for arm so it can run directly on the board, that will not give you a Qt version that also runs there.
    You need a Qt version for the pi board.

    As far as i know, the debian Os version for the board does contain some version of Qt but it might be older.

    In any case, if you want to build your own Qt arm version.
    its something like this.

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