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QDialog on iPad with QLineEdit

  • I have an old app, they uses QDialog also for iPad.

    When I open the dialog with dlg.exec, I can't edit the line edit, because the virtual keyboard is like frozen!

    I can change the focus, I can klick on checkBoxes, but I can not edit text fields (like QLineEdit and so on...)

    I use for all components (QtCreator, XCode and so on...) the newest available versions!

    Do you have any idea for solving this problem?

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    You should post the current version you are using. Your latest might not be valid next week.

  • The problem was, that I called another QDialog out of a QDialog.
    Obviously, that was too much for the iPad, and the message-queue could not be processed correctly.
    Now I close the first QDialog and call after them, the other QDialog and it works pretty fine.

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