Qt Creator 's bug? If my program has scanf(), getchar() or some like them, It can't run!

  • I'm using Qt Creator in linux, Debian. No matter whether I install it with "apt install qtcreator", or with the ".run" installation file in the official website, the problem appears!
    For example, if I try to run this program, it shows "starting ***(my program name)..." and can't go on.
    ![alt text](/DATA_SSD/.linux/home/zzc/图片/2019-08-19 20-33-50屏幕截图.png)
    However, if I delete the "getchar()", it can print "Hello World!"!
    ![alt text](/DATA_SSD/.linux/home/zzc/图片/2019-08-19 20-37-17屏幕截图.png)
    Similarly, if I use scanf() like getchar(), it also show that and can't go on!
    Do anyone know how to sovle it?

  • (I'm the questioner)
    Besides, for the file which Qt Creator compiles out, if I run it directly, there is no problem. It just can't be run in Qt Creator.

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    Hi @zzc2422

    (your picture upload did not work, it seems, so I'm guessing).

    Do you run your program in a terminal window or directly in Creators Application Output? Because the Application Output is really only an output, you cannot input anything there.

    That is tracked by QTCREATORBUG-12453 and linked reports. Feel free to comment and vote there.


  • @aha_1980 Thank you! So I tried to use the setting to run in terminal. I used to fail, but then I found the problem is in my terminal.
    After all, I can run in terminal now!

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    @zzc2422 Thanks for reporting back.

    So please mark this topic as SOLVED now.


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