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Why my Qt GUI application does not show up on GNOME GTK2 Desktop?

  • I have cross compiled a Qt5 GUI application for my embedded develop board. my application is statically compiled(standalone app). When I run it, it did not show up.
    My embedded system board runs based on GTK2 (LXDE).
    But when I shutdown my system by command "shutdown -h now", my QT5 application shows up after the buildin destop GUI closed, and it sustains only about less than 2 seconds.
    Then I switch my system to console by "Alt + Ctrl + F2", run my QT5 GUI on console, it shows up! but thers no system's frame/border(No Close, Max, Min button, as supposed by system's GUI window framwork).

    So why my Qt5 GUI not work with system's buildin GUI destop? how to fix it?
    Any idea, sugguestion, hints is welcomed! thank you very much!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    From the looks of it, you didn't cross-compile Qt with the xcb backend, did you ?

    If so, you likely have built several backends. You should then pass it as parameter when starting your application.

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