QtIF script - Mac signals not being called

  • What I am attempting to accomplish, is that when the maintenance tool is run to uninstall my app, I need to call a script to remove a shortcut from the Mac folder /Applications, that was created by a script when the finish button was clicked on the initial installation.

    As per the documentation

    The following connect functions as expected, but only in the context of being an 'installer' :

    installer.finishButtonClicked.connect(this, finishClicked);
    finishClicked = function(){
            // This code is ALWAYS called at the end of the install process
            console.log(" *** - This is an installer!");
            var result = QMessageBox["question"]("test.quit", "Installer", " - This is an installer!", QMessageBox.Ok);
        else if(installer.isUninstaller())
            // This code is NEVER called
            console.log(" *** - This is an UN-installer!");
            var result = QMessageBox["question"]("test.quit", "UN-Installer", " - This is an UN-installer!", QMessageBox.Ok);

    The next 2 connect functions do not get called at all

    installer.installationFinished.connect(this, installDone);
    installer.uninstallationFinished.connect(this, uninstallComplete);
    installDone = function(){
            // This code is NEVER called
    	QMessageBox["question"]("test.quit", "Installer", " signalled by Installer::installationFinished", QMessageBox.Ok);
    uninstallComplete = function(){
            // This code is NEVER called
    	QMessageBox["question"]("test.quit", "Installer", " signalled by Installer::uninstallationFinished", QMessageBox.Ok);

    The use of QMessageBox is not the only thing that I have tried to get feedback for these signals. I have tried calling scripts, and console.log().

    I also attempted to tie into the same button clicked signal, by differentiating the install from the uninstall by installer.isInstaller() and installer.isUninstaller(), respectively. The case of installer.isUninstaller appears to never be true. Also, there does not appear to be any means to specify the connection type, ie: Qt::QueuedConnection, etc.

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