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MessageDialog force non-native

  • Hi,
    is there a possibility to force a MessageDialog to use Qt's own implementation? I know that FileDialog has an option for that but I havent't found anything for MessageDialog.

    import QtQuick.Dialogs 1.3
    MessageDialog {

    As I don't know a better solution for what I actually try to achieve (different post), I have been relying on the implementation structure of Qt - but that has stopped working, apparently because the MessageDialog seems to be native in Windows by now.

    To be precise: I can't access the contentItem, thus also not its children, any more.

  • You can construct your own dialog. Use Popup with Column combination, or Window, if you want to show dialog as separate window.

  • Thank you for the answer, IntruderExtruder! I guess I'll have to do that, yes. I was hoping to "reuse the wheel" instead of reinventing it, but sometimes the actual wheel is just not flexible enough :-)

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