Failed to load Qmainwindow,qtwidgets,qtimezone,qfile after upgraded from jessie t stretch

  • Dear sir,
    when i am using qt creator 4 on raspbian jessie everything is working fine, but when i have upgraded from jessie to stretch of raspbian, now my qtcretor version is also upgraded from qt4.8 to when i am running my code on qtcreator it does not include Qtwidgets, Qmainwindow, Qtimezone and many more file in qt creator, compiler gives error that no such file found .
    please help me to solve this problem

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    Do you mean, the default Qt version installed is now Qt 5.11 ?
    If so, you have to add ˋQT+= widgetsˋ to your .pro file.

    With Qt 5, the widgets have moved to their own module.

  • I have added that file also but still qmainwindow, qwidgets , qtimezone and many more files are not including on my project which is previously developed in qt creator 3.2.1

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    Didn re-run qmake after that adding that line ?

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