Don't work look-and-feel

  • Hello. I wrote three simple application where the system displays the FileDialog. The results are different and none is purely native.
    Use QApplication and QQuickView or QFileDialog(without QML):
    Use QGuiApplication and QQmlApplicationEngine:
    FileDialog(native) open through KWrite:

    How set look-and-feel/localization like as in current system?
    Why are the results still different when using QQmlApplicationEngine and QQuickView (qml-file used by the same)?

    I use PySide2 from pip
    Qt 5.11.2 from system
    Clang 7.0.1 from system
    DE: KDE5

  • I tried set style Fusion but style app not yet perfected

  • I have Qt/PyQt 5.11 installed from repositories. I run QFileDiaolg from pure Qt app and PyQt5 and now looks as it should
    I guess if Qt build for your system then should not be problem, else may be roughness with looks and fills (post above)

    Qt app from example:
    PyQt5 app:

    Maybe there is still some way to give the program the current system style or is it set only at compile time Qt for OS?


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