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In my Qt application i want to show some advertisement banner dnamically.

  • In my Qt application i want to show some advertisement banner dynamically, i want to know Is there any api in Qt for adsense like google adsense?and how can i implement this functionality to display ads(advertisement banner) on my application's screen any idea? plz guide me.

  • No, there is no ready made API for that that I know off. Then again, Qt is just C++, so you can probably use an existing API anyway.

  • ok thanks Andre it means Qt don't have any api like google adsense, can you plz provide me some url link where i find some documentation for 3rd party api which i can use in my Qt application becuse i never use any adsense in my application???

  • No, I can not do that. I never used that, I am not interested in integrating adds in my apps, and it is not Qt-related. So, if you are interested in integrating Google AdSense, I suggest you search for API's and support for those API's in channels dedicated to that.

  • No, m not intrested in addding google adsense.i saw some application(http://ovistore.com/search?q=inneractive) in OVI has uses inner-active (http://inner-active.com/) ads so i want to integrate it on my Qt applcation.i downloaded the inneractive sdk for Qt and also run Inneractive-AdSample application ,looking nice and i want to know if someone has used it guide me.Is there any limitation for ovi store? or the process to integrate??

  • You may want to ask over at "Forum Nokia":http://www.developer.nokia.com/ (or whatever they're calling it now.) They are more mobile-specifically focused. There are probably others who have dealt with it, there.

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