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Combo Box is not updating properly in QDialog.

  • I have two dialog combo box in my dialog Box.

    Then I am adding some items to one combo box.

    Then I am trying to launch dialog box using dialogboxtest->exec().

    After that I am connecting event ComboBox currentIndexChanged(QString).

    So after that my slot is called then I tried to send one event to my other plugin than that plugin will resend one event that I am capturing in my QDialog code plugin and adding the items in second combo box.

    But the items are not added in Combo box instantly. When I close my dialog box then again open
    then those options are visible in my second combo box.

    How can I do that without closing dialog box my second combo box should be updated.

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    @ayush-gupta said in Combo Box is not updating properly in QDialog.:


    This call is blocking!
    Everything after this line will be executed when you close the dialog.
    So, you should do this: "After that I am connecting event ComboBox currentIndexChanged(QString)." before you call exec().

  • You are right.Thanks.
    This is blocking call.

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