Looking for technical tutorials for beautiful artistic GUI designing

  • Hi
    im looking for tutorial or way to create good looking GUI's in Qt .
    my own GUI's just pure crap (:
    something like Photoshop tutorials but for Qt . where such things can be found ?
    do i need to dig into open source apps and learn ? Qt-apps site don't have beautiful artistic GUI.
    or at list i didn't find such . what single developer suppose to do in such case

  • Good UX design transcends Qt. It's a skill of its own, regardless of which toolkit you use for your widgets. There are a number of good resources on the web for general design which can be applied to Qt. You can "google":http://lmgtfy.com/?q=good+user+interface+design for them as a start.

  • yeah i know . but i need the technical tutorial on how to build the GUI .
    for example :
    the tweeter client that come's with the qt 4.7.4 . that is written in QML.
    how can i do it in c++ ?

  • umem242: Most likely not at all:-) You can do way more in QML than you can do (easily) in C++. That is why QML was introduced.

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