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How to apply some qt configure options on a per-module or even per-directory basis?

  • I am trying to compile qt 5.12.4 in a crosscompile toolchain for arm. I have no possibility to change components of that arm toolchain.

    The supplier includes a gcc which is very old and contains a bug that prevents me to use -force-debug-info for configuring due to this gcc bug.

    Since I do not believe that the toolchain supplier will fix this at all, I have to find a way around it.

    Since the compiler bug did not show up with qt 5.11, I assume that I still can build most of the qt components with -force-debug-info, but leave it away where I see the issue.

    But how to make such a configuration that -force-debug-info can be disabled for some directrories (compile units) ?




  • @devjb

    You can use a file called .qmake.conf in the parent folder. qmake is looking for that.

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