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How to show a custom popup for QComboBox

  • The documentation for showPopup and hidePopup seem very unclear to me.

    The docs for showPopup say this:

    If you reimplement this function to show a custom pop-up, make sure you call hidePopup() to reset the internal state.

    Where exactly do I call QComboBox::hidePopup? Do I do it inside showPopup? That just seems a little strange to me. The docs for hidePopup tell me to call QComboBox::hidePopup in the re-implemented function which makes perfect sense. Here's my code:

    void ComboBoxWidget::showPopup() {
      // ??? QComboBox::hidePopup();
      assert(popup == nullptr);
      popup = new ComboBoxPopup{this};
    void ComboBoxWidget::hidePopup() {
      delete popup;
      popup = nullptr;

    The problem is that hidePopup is never called so my popup is never closed. I must be doing something wrong. Uncommenting that line doesn't seem to help.

  • Am I supposed to hide the popup manually? E.g. should I call hidePopup when the user clicks on an item in the popup? The popup isn't automatically hidden when the combo box loses focus so am I supposed to handle that myself too?

    I have a finished popup that looks exactly how I want it to but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to hide it. It sounds trivial but I'm really not sure.

  • The "right way" probably doesn't matter for something this trivial so I'm just calling hidePopup when the checkbox loses focus and when an item in the popup is clicked.

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