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QML2_IMPORT_PATH and "Module is not installed"

  • Qello!

    	QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
    	QStringList import_list(engine.importPathList());

    Gives me:

    1. "qrc:/"
    2. "/Users/danilabagroff/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/2951C8C3-../"
    3. "qrc:/"

    ...and this is what I expect and everything works like a charm.

    But I have just 2 in the list(second and third) if I try to set QML2_IMPORT_PATH(and QML_IMPORT_PATH, QML_DESIGNER_IMPORT_PATH as well) in .pro or in "Build Environment" within QtCreator.

    My attempts are:
    QML2_IMPORT_PATH += qrc:/

    As a result, I'm getting "Module ... is not installed."
    Worth to mention, that I do not see anything in the log with QML_IMPORT_TRACE=1. This makes me completely confused, are variables taken into account?

    It is not a critical issue, but I'm using QQmlEngine across the code and would like to have import path in the one place.
    Thank you for the ideas.

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