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Network Configurations and networkSessions Crash

  • Hi,

    i try to manage more than one QNetworkConfiguration.
    for this, i have two maps :
    @ QMap<QString, QNetworkConfiguration> m_intitule_networkConfig;
    QMap<QString, QNetworkSession*> m_intitule_networkSession;@

    In the slot initiated by updateConfig, i fill both of them :

    @ foreach (QNetworkConfiguration netConfig, m_netManager->allConfigurations())
    QNetworkConfiguration copyConfig(netConfig);
    QNetworkSession* session = new QNetworkSession( copyConfig );
    m_intitule_networkSession.insert(intitule, session );
    m_intitule_networkConfig.insert(intitule, copyConfig);

    later i want to get the session : @m_currentNetworkSession = m_intitule_networkSession.value( intitule );@

    and then @qDebug() << m_currentNetworkSession->configuration().name();@

    Does someone has some ideas?

  • you should check pointers for 0.
    where is test initialized?

  • sorry, it's not test but m_currentNetworkSession.
    And i have tested and it's not NULL.
    However, it crashed, and then QNetworkSessionPrivate* d is NULL.
    Working on windows and having problems with wifi connections....

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