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Displaying text with glow effect using paint method in QStyledItemDelegate derived class

  • Hi, I am using QistView to display simple text list. I have a custom delegate class deriving from QStyledItemDelegate and I am using its paint method to draw the text using painter.drawText(args). Now I would like to make the text glow as soon as the user presses the QListView item and make the text glow disappear when the user releases/ or start scrolling the QListView.
    Previously I implemented this feature using QListwidget where I was adding custom QWidgets to populate the list. I had a QWidgets derived class for each item where I added QLabels and I was using QGraphicsDropShadowEffect to achieve this glow effect. However, this approach was not efficient as at the end the QListwidget became laggy and I was not able to scroll properly. Hence I moved to QListView with custom delegate approach.

    Please guide me to achieve this behaviour.

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