[SOLVED] converting a .ods (openoffice spreadsheet) to a flat text file (space delimited)

  • Hello all,

    As of right now, I am trying to accomplish reading in a .ods spreadsheet, and throwing it into a text file that is space delimited (with respect to the spreadsheet layout).

    First of all, is this possible? I have searched the net a little bit and some have said to "try" using the QXML libraries since a .ods is a zipped xml file. Would this be the best way to approach this? Is there an easier way to access openoffice spreadsheets in Qt4? I just figured id ask so I can use the best/most efficient way possible to do this.

    I have done this with microsoft excel in visual basic on windows and converted to a csv but never with Qt. (I am using Qt4 Creator on Linux)

    Thanks in advance!

  • I actually figured out a way... i run jodconverter to convert the .ods to a .csv then convert the csv to a text file.

    It may be insufficient...yet it gets the job done with a minimal amount of processing time.

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