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Using Qt function with Qt Designer in Python

  • Hi !! I am building a program to analyzed sleep data in our lab. I have programmed in C and a little C++ in the past. Recently I started to program in Python and wanted to use Qt Designer for my GUI windows. My Question is after designing some windows in Qt Designer, how do I associate a class/function to my windows?? Specifically, I have designed a window to open files after choosing the type of analysis that I want. I have set an inner window into my main window in which I want to use QFileDialog.getOpenFileName function to assist in locating the data directory and files. I have been reading the documentation (but to no use) and looked for examples but with no sucess and more confusion. Is there a warm body that can advise??

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    Okay I know you have started down that path but as a beginner the Designer is not what you really want to use as it creates some extremely ugly code making the post Designer code very hard to troubleshoot and/or tweak. My first suggestion to you is check out some of the example code I have posted in this forum and create a non-Designer GUI as then the question you are asking just might answer itself because you will be better able to understand what you have and how it works.

    Regardless of what you end up choosing to do -- posting your fully functional mini-code that shows what you are trying to along with your question helps a great deal towards helping us help you.

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