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QCompleter is broken on Android 8.1 with Qt 5.13

  • I have currently a qt 5.13 android build which I'm using to make a dictionary app
    the Qt 5.13 seems to improved a lot on Android but still there are some bugs
    in previous versions text selection was very very buggy but now it has improved a lot although it is still some how buggy especially when deleting

    also QScroller is now more responsive and nicer but it sometimes behaves strangely like scrolling in the wrong direction

    now the most noticeable bug is in QCompleter which doesn't seem to work at all on Android

    I use it with qlineedit and some few words but the completer popup doesn't appear
    and when I insert a word that exists in the list of completer the completer doubles the text in the qlineedit and can't be cleared later

    In general QCompleter not only doesn't work but also spoils qlineedit

    Is this intended ? is QCompleter not ready for android development yet ?
    and if so , is there any alternatives or workrounds ?

  • I tested with a desktop build of qt same version on windows and the same code works as expected so it is a bug for sure

  • Tested on Android 5 and it works , Above tests was performed on Android 8.1

  • As it has something to do with Android, I'd try if a different Android SDK would fix it

  • tried with another android api but it is the same on Android 8.1
    I think qt draws its widgets itself with OpenGl Es not through android java api so this problem isn't related to android api

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