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PyQT5 Combobox re-sort??

  • I am trying to figure out how to resort my combobox with PYQT5 and python when a new item is added.

    I can get it to add, but it will not sort.

    I am just doing a very basic example to get it functioning

    self.comboloadsystem.addItem(favfile + ".xml")

    I have the combobox set to add items alphabetically, but I am assuming I will need to do something grammatically.

    I have not found a refresh option.

    I have tried to count the items and put them in an array and re-add with .addItems(array) but it still puts it in the same place.

    any suggestions?

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    Well without seeing a minimal fully functioning example of your code it is kind of hard to guess what you might be doing wrong.

    However as a general answer I (unless the combo box has a large amount of data in it) just store this data in dictionary and/or list and then add to the dictionary/list -- purge the combo box -- and add the data pre-sorted back into the combo box

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