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[SOLVED] how to save all the results of the combobox to the config.ini file

  • is there a way to save all the results for the Qcombobox to the config.ini file. currently, all i can save is the first result of the combobox. for example, in the combobox if the first field has the name "test" then i am only able to save that name and no other fields in the combobox. i am asking if there is a way to save all the fields in the combobox. below is my code that is not working correctly.

    @ //save the result to the config.ini file
    QSettings settings("config.ini", QSettings::IniFormat);
    settings.setValue("userName", ui->userName->currentText());

    // load ini settings
    QSettings settings("config.ini", QSettings::IniFormat);
    userName2 = settings.value("userName").toString();


  • i solved it with arrays. bare with me i am still trying to understand c++ programming and i think i am just about there :)

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