QGraphicsScene - selection signals/new/old/changed?

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    I'm studying QGraphicsScene/view. I wish to understand how I can detect when new item is being selected, when item is being deselected and when item is being added/removed via shift/& control modifiers...

    QTreeView has a nice function for it that send an update of new/old/etc selections but I can't find anything like it in QGraphicsScene.

    I'm also going over source but so far no luck... Qt has it implemented shift/ctrl all works great, I just can't find the source/or a right function to listen to it...

    I know that scene can fire selectionChanged() but that is dynamic and happens while I drag, I just need before/after to do proper computation based of new/deselected items.


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    Could it be that it is the QGraphicsScene::focusItemChanged that you are looking for ?

  • @sgaist Hmmmmmmmmm I wrote a little routine to use mouse press/release to see what has changed to determine my selection but it does not work as well as I wish. But I missed that focusItemChanged mhmhmhmh thanks! Will go over it again :- )