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Mac + quazip lib + portable program

  • hi
    i had compiled quazip library on my macintosh in release mode
    i have used its lib in my application
    it works fine now i want to publish my application
    i am build my program in release mode and do matdeployqt
    and copy my quazip library to framework folder in my app
    but when i want to run it on other macintosh
    it does'nt run i think it is about my lib
    how can i solve this problem?how can i publish my program?
    and when i do macdeployqt it copy all of library into framework folder but i don't need all of them what should i do?

  • You will have to change the paths in the quazip libraray according to the steps mentioned in the "Deploying an Application on Mac OS X":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.7/deployment-mac.html guide, follow the explanations regarding otool and install_name_tool.

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