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ROI of a scaled image to ROI of actual high resolution image

  • I am looking for one more example. i e i am having a scaled image of an actual high resoultion image and that showing it in the application first.And i select a portion of the scaled image as region of interset via a rectangle draw and then i collect the region interest coorinates. Now i want to load that region of interest area from the actual high resolution image to the another widget of the application.In my knowledge i can use Qimagereader and cliprect. So my question is how can i map the coordinates from the scaled image to actual high resolution image and how to show it. ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @BinuJanardhanan I would say you have to apply the scale factor to the coordinates from the scaled image to get coordinates in the original image. So, if the scale factor for x/y was 1.5 you have to multiply the coordinates by 1.5.

  • @jsulm ok thank you for the answer.

    Let me check.

    once again thanks

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