QGraphicsView - background grid - shifts/moves when pan/zooom...

  • Hey

    I've reimplemented scene drawBackground to generate a custom looking grid like :

        qreal left = int(rect.left()) - (int(rect.left()) % mGridSize);
        qreal top = int(rect.top()) - (int(rect.top()) % mGridSize);
        QVarLengthArray<QLineF, 100> lines;
        for (qreal x = left; x < rect.right(); x += mGridSize)
            lines.append(QLineF(x, rect.top(), x, rect.bottom()));
        for (qreal y = top; y < rect.bottom(); y += mGridSize)
            lines.append(QLineF(rect.left(), y, rect.right(), y));
        QVarLengthArray<QLineF, 100> thickLines;
        for (qreal x = left; x < rect.right(); x += mGridSize * 5)
            thickLines.append(QLineF(x, rect.top(), x, rect.bottom()));
        for (qreal y = top; y < rect.bottom(); y += mGridSize * 5)
            thickLines.append(QLineF(rect.left(), y, rect.right(), y));
        QPen myPen(Qt::NoPen);
        painter->setBrush(QBrush(QColor(55, 55, 55, 255)));
        QPen penHLines(QColor(75, 75, 75), 1, Qt::SolidLine, Qt::FlatCap, Qt::RoundJoin);
        painter->drawLines(lines.data(), lines.size());
        painter->setPen(QPen(QColor(100, 100, 100), 2, Qt::SolidLine, Qt::FlatCap, Qt::RoundJoin));
        painter->drawLines(thickLines.data(), thickLines.size());
        QVector<QPointF> points;
        for (qreal x = left; x < rect.right(); x += mGridSize) {
            for (qreal y = top; y < rect.bottom(); y += mGridSize) {
                points.append(QPointF(x, y));
        painter->drawPoints(points.data(), points.size());

    But when I place item close to gird lines/snap it and then move/zoom the view. The grid miss-aligns and changes its position...

    How can I correct it?


    EDIT I've move the function to view to capture pan/zoom events to see if I can somehow control the offset for the "thick lines" drawing...

    Here is the gif showing issue :

  • I've updated the question with gif/some updates... Still fighting with it o.o

    I think by using int vertOffset = horizontalScrollBar()->sliderPosition();
    I can somehow calculate the "jump" value offset and offset position of line by that. Not sure how yet tho...


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