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Qt Quick Desktop Components: Dial - step size

  • I'm not sure where to ask questions about the Desktop components, so if it's not here, I'd be happy to be directed to wherever it's better.

    I'm talking about this project:

    I was using the Dial.qml and I see that there's no way to access a step property. How can I use the step size in order to make my values "stepped", like the way the Slider works?

  • I simply had not implemented that. I just pushed a fix that adds tickMarksEnabled to the slider. You should also set the stepSize to control the tick marks.

  • Thanks Jens, I didn't understand though, I was talking about the Dial control, were you talking about a fix you pushed to the dial or to the slider?

  • I pushed a fix to the Dial control that adds a tickMarksEnabled property, just like in the Slider. Sorry for the confusion. Don't hesitate to report missing features like this on the bug tracker in the future. Mark as "Qt Quick Components"/desktop.

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