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Impossible to run 64 bit code on cortec A53

  • My phone is a BQ U lite that works with an A53 processor (snapdragon 425).
    The processor is arm64-v8a compatible, but when I try to compile a program with the arm64-v8a toolchain, I get the error message "ABI is incompatible, device supports armabi-v7a, armabi

    Is it a configuration problem?

    No problem with armabi-v7a

    What's wrong ?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Is your device running a 32bit OS ?

  • That's right! Using the anTuTu utility, I discovered that the mobile running a 32 bit OS...

    Thank you!

    Is there a simple way to see this in a store, for example, before buying a machine? Often, it is impossible to install a utility on a demonstration machine.

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    I'm not aware of an easy way to do that. However, the store should provide that kind of information and if not, the constructor should.

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