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Problem in not getting BOLD format in QTextEdit using tohtml()

  • Hi All,
    Actually , my task is to make bold on the selected text on QTextEdit ..
    and finally i will be storing the QtextEdit text to a file with html format.

    Later ..when i do open my application , i will be populating the content back from File to QtextEdit value...but the format is not bold...which it should be..
    my codes are:
    void CTestDlg::boldButtonPressed()
    QTextCharFormat fmt;

    QTextCursor cursor = ui->textEdit->textCursor();
    if (!cursor.hasSelection())
    if( cursor.charFormat().fontWeight() == QFont::Bold  )
        fmt.setFontWeight( QFont::Normal);
       fmt.setFontWeight( QFont::Bold);
    cursor.mergeCharFormat( fmt );


    void CtestDlg::saveToFile()

    QString strText = ui->textEdit->tohtml();
    //then storing this string value into a file..

    void CTestDlg::readFromFile()
    QString strText = readFile();// here i am reading exactly..what has been stored in the file
    ui->textedit->settext( strText );

    Please let me know..whether i am doing anything wrong on this..

  • Th code works for me. What's the content of the file?

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