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Read XML files and select info

  • Hello everyone,
    I am currently developing a project in my master's thesis and need some help. I'm new to Qt Creator 4.8.2 and XML files and so I'm still trying to understand how it works. Right now I have a problem that I can not solve. I'm working with QXmlSimpleReader Class to read this xml file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <hdevelop file_version="1.2" halcon_version="">
    <procedure name="clips_orientation">
    <par name="Clips" base_type="iconic" dimension="0"/>
    <par name="Regions" base_type="iconic" dimension="0"/>
    <par name="ConnectedRegions" base_type="iconic" dimension="0"/>
    <par name="SelectedRegions" base_type="iconic" dimension="0"/>
    <par name="Phi" base_type="ctrl" dimension="0"/>
    <par name="Area" base_type="ctrl" dimension="0"/>
    <par name="Row" base_type="ctrl" dimension="0"/>
    <par name="Column" base_type="ctrl" dimension="0"/>
    <l>read_image (Clips, clips.png')</l>
    <l>draw_circle (WindowHandle, Row1, Column1, Radius)</l>
    <l>gen_circle (Circle, Row1, Column1, Radius)</l>
    <l>reduce_domain (Clips, Circle, ImageReduced)</l>
    <l>threshold (ImageReduced, Regions, 3, 60)</l>
    <l>connection (Regions, ConnectedRegions)</l>
    <l>select_shape (ConnectedRegions, SelectedRegions, 'area', 'and', 4500, 6300)</l>
    <l>orientation_region (SelectedRegions, Phi)</l>
    <l>area_center (SelectedRegions, Area, Row, Column)</l>
    <l>return ()</l>
    <docu id="clips_orientation">
    <parameter id="Area"/>
    <parameter id="Clips"/>
    <parameter id="Column"/>
    <parameter id="ConnectedRegions"/>
    <parameter id="Phi"/>
    <parameter id="Regions"/>
    <parameter id="Row"/>
    <parameter id="SelectedRegions"/>

    I need to read the file and return:

    • All <parameter id=> of the <parameters>-> Area, Clips, Column, ConnectedRegions, Phi, Regions, Row, SelectedRegions
    • The first word of each line of the <body>-> read_image, draw_circle, gen_circle, reduce_domain, threshold, connection, select_shape, orientation_region and area_center.
      From now on thank you very much to who can pay attention to my problem and continuation of good programming.
      Best regards, Miguel

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    @MirreCap said in Read XML files and select info:


    they show how to use it here

    Basically, you subclass QXmlDefaultHandler and fill out the parsing handlers.

  • @MirreCap
    For your choice of QXmlSimpleReader, are you wedded to it, I'll just point out

    QXmlStreamReader is a faster and more convenient replacement for Qt's own SAX parser (see QXmlSimpleReader).

    QXmlSimpleReader uses the event/callback-driven approach to parsing, which is "cumbersome" for your own code. If you can, do yourself a favour and at least move to the more convenient QXmlStreamReader.

    Using QDomDocument + XQuery/QXmlQuery is even easier, but I have a feeling I have seen this/these are "no longer maintained" and you're supposed to use QXmlStreamReader. Which is a shame/backward step for those of us who like XML. compares these 3 approaches.

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