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Qt for xp

  • Please excuse any factors entered here which are dumb, but am new to this arena so any failing are pure ignorance.
    I am looking to install QT on XP 32bit old laptops with MINGW, on looking at this it appears I will have to install QT v5.6.3 which is the latest to support XP and MINGW 4.9, although QT will have to be recompiled/rebuilt as it does not automatically support XP.
    My main requirement is can anyone of the community provide a step by step on how to achieve this requirement, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIR, you don't need to rebuild Qt. One possible way to get started is to use the offline installer which should provide what you need. However, I don't remember whether the Qt Creator version provided will run on XP.

  • Sgaist, thank you very much for your prompt reply, but, when I looked up this point online it stated that QT had to be recompiled as XP was not enabled by default and a recompile was needed, therefore the reason I have posed the question. I am sure you have much more experience than I on this, when I tried to run the 5.6.3 kit direct it said not valid app, hope this clears my position

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    Here you have a Wiki page to build Qt on Windows.

    By the way it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime which you are likely not interested in.

  • SGaist, thank you very much for the pointer, and my inept use of the appropriate language, I will review that wiki page and if you don’t mind come back if there is anything I am unsure of. Thank you very much for all your help

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