Signal emitted when the cursor comes out of QTableWidget Cell

  • Hi

    Is there any signal which gets emitted when the cursor comes out of QTableWidget Cell.
    In QT documentation i didnt come across any of such signal.

  • No, there is no such signal. What do you want to achieve (the ultimate goal, not how you planned to get there).

  • Hi Andre

    I have created a table using QTableWidget.Which has 5 columns
    Only one column i have made as editable.
    When the data is populated in table user can go to editable column cells & edit the content but i dont want user to leave that cell as blank or empty.
    If it is empty when the table is first populated its ok but user should not make the it empty if data is already there.

  • You could use the signal "cellChanged": to check the data of a changed cell. This does not imply entering and leaving a cell without editing it.

    You could also use "currentCellChanged": which is used when the focus switches from one cell to another. This does not include moving the cursor out of the table with tab or mouse.

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