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Cross-platform Preference Window Design

  • Hi,

    I am considering the options on building a preference window for a cross-platform application. As Mr Bache-Wiig had mentioned in "this speech":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/videos/watch/how_to_make_your_qt_application_look_native, there are some design issues need to be considered. But my question is: Do we have some kind of wrapper for this, or are we left to ifdef our way through this? And if we have to do this on our own, is there a good lead to start with? The issues on building a preference window is actually beyond the styles. Mac OS X treat these as windows (not modal), while most of the OSs treat them as dialogs, for example.

    And speaking of Macs...Is there a way to mimic a Cocoa preference window on them? Mac OS X uses something like a tool bar on top of them (I took "this":http://home.comcast.net/~rmrshop/safari_preferences081116a.jpg randomly via Google). QToolBar can do something like it, but it can only be used in QMainWindow. Are there alternatives?

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