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  • Hello,
    The first time i used qmllive there was a preview window near files list, where i could see changes made to my code.
    like here (the blue rectangle) :

    I re-installed qmllive today, it works but there is no more preview window
    please see here :

    I can 'right-click' on a file and "Open In New Window" it will work but i want to configure my qmllive as before so the preview is directly integrated in the qmllive main window.

    reason : (mainly because every time i edit code the "new" preview window closes and re-opens whre my mouse cursor is, so in my screen 1, but my QtCreator is also screen 1 ... , so preview is not visible when reload)

    can someone help with this please ?

  • i re-ilstall qmllive but still cant see the live Preview window.

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