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Strange behaviour in QLabel & QCheckbox or a bug ?

  • Hi,

    I am feeding the QLabel from a live video and showing the screen . Than I decide to process and write the video file from this feed through opencv.

    I put a checkbox 'Record' on the Label which I show the feed.

    After few min later the whole program and the even the computer getting super slow (Mac Os x). I spend manyhours to find why?

    Today I discovered that when I removed the check box from the label surface its working normally.

    Why this is happening . = ? any idea?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @RahibeMeryem,

    just for clarification: You are using a QLabel to show a video stream?


  • @RahibeMeryem

    What do you mean by "Label surface"? Is the checkBox above the label / video or inside the label (like the video).

    Without seeing any code, I would say, you are updating or creating something (maybe new checkBox instances?!) on every video frame, so you run out of memory after some time.
    Just a guess.

    To find the actual reason, you need to show the part of your code, where you create the label, the checkBox and where you put it all together.

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